Emily has been narrating audio books since 2012, with over 85 books to her credit. Titles are available on Audible.com. Here is a sample of some reviews her narration work has received. She works from her home studio in Michigan, and is also available to travel for recording. Scroll down for audio samples.


The Lost Prayers of Ricky Graves by James Han Mattson
Earphones Award Winner, AudioFile Magazine

"Listeners catch additional glimpses of him as family and acquaintances reflect on their lives and relationships with him and each other. The narrators provide candid performances of key characters... As narrators, they're especially skilled at drawing out the nuances of social media and "real-life" communication." - AudioFile Magazine

Girl in the Dark by Marion Pauw
Earphones Award Winner, AudioFile Magazine

"Sutton-Smith has us rooting for plucky Iris, an under-supported single mother who works as a lawyer." - AudioFileMagazine

The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg

"Narrator Emily Sutton-Smith captures Sand's amorous nature as well as her artistic genius... Berg's poetic prose and Sutton-Smith's strong performance ensure that it remains fascinating and emotionally involving listening." - AudioFile Magazine

The House of the Four Winds by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory

"As Clarice masquerades as Clarence and sets out to sea, Emily Sutton-Smith has an opportunity to showcase a range of accents and personalities... Sutton-Smith maintains the light touch of the authors." - AudioFile Magazine

Home Studio Narration Samples

(Raw, un-produced samples.)


British (RP), Cockney, Irish, French, Spanish, German, Russian, American Southern (plantation and Texas hard "r"), Brooklyn/Bronx, Midwest.

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